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Shilo - Mocha Hlight

Shilo - Mocha Hlight

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Of the long wigs available, the Shilo wig is one of the most popular. Part of the appeal of the Shilo wig is it's versatility. Because the Shilo wig has long, soft layers, it can be made to look sleek and elegant, or it can be given a wilder look - the Shilo wig achieves both looks equally well. The fringe of the Shilo wig is long, and cut such that it can be blended in with the lengths of the Shilo wig. The density of the Shilo wig has been carefully calculated so that the Shilo wig is full and voluminous, but still looks natural.

The advantages of the Shilo wig do not end at it's styling. The Shilo wig is a monofilament wig. Monofilament wigs are wigs which have had each hair individually knotted to the wig base (or wig cap). The method of attaching the hair to the wig base in monofilament wigs looks extremely natural: it gives the impression that hair is growing out of the head, so monofilament wigs do not look like wigs at all. Monofilament wigs are also widely considered to be more comfortable. The smaller knots used in making monofilament wigs allow the wig cap to like flatter upon the head of the wearer. As a monofilament wig, one can be sure the Shilo wig will look natural and be comfortable to wear.

Synthetic wigs like the Shilo wig are commonly thought to be the easiest wigs to maintain. This is because synthetic wigs do not loose their shape. The Shilo wig's volume will not be lost over the course of the day - nor even the course of its lifetime because it is a synthetic wig. For this reason taking care of the Shilo wig - as with all synthetic wigs - is easy. Synthetic wigs do not need to be repeatedly restyled, and synthetic wigs do not get dirty in the same way human hair wigs do. The upshot of this is that a great deal of the time and effort needed to maintain a human hair wig is cut out when buying a synthetic wig like the Shilo wig.

For extra security, the Shilo wig has a poly-tape strip in it, where monotape or toupee tape can be added, further ensuring that the Shilo wig will stay on.


Cap Size: Average

Cap Construction: Monofilament Top

Fringe: 8.1"

Crown: 15"

Nape: 14.8"

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