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Two textures come together perfectly in the Sandie wig. At the front, the Sandie wig is straight, but it grows curlier towards the back, creating a beautiful combination. The long, straight fringe of the Sandie wig falls alluringly to the side, drawing attention to the eyes of the wearer. Towards the back we see the formation of layers in the Sandie wig, and they become curlier, giving the Sandie wig volume at the crown and around the head. One of the great qualities of the Sandie wig is the way these two different textures blend, with no clear line between where the curls begin and the straight fringe ends. At the side of the Sandie wig, gentle points flick forwards, highlighting the cheekbones and jawline of the wearer in a flattering way. The Sandie wig is versatile in that the curls can be tamed down, or tousled up depending on the preference of the wearer.

Maintaining the stylish look of the Sandie wig will not be a challenge, because the Sandie wig is a synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs do not loose their shape over time, so the curls that form the back of the Sandie wig will not drop out, nor will you loose the flattering points at the side, or the gentle sweep of the fringe. This ease of care makes synthetic wigs like the Sandie wig extremely popular, as with a synthetic wig you don't have to worry about the hair loosing it's shape, and needing to be constantly styled. The Noriko designer wig collection provides high quality synthetic wigs, so you can be assured that the Sandie wig will appear natural, with lots of natural movement.

The Sandie wig comes in a wide range of colours, including root natural colours, gradient colours and grey colours. Gradient coloured wigs have highlights. Root natural colours are colours that come slightly darker at the root, close to the base of the wig. These colours give the Sandie wig the appearance of hair growing, making the Sandie wig look even more natural. With this wide range of colours available, the Sandie wig is sure to come in a colour to suit you.


Cap Size: Average

Fringe (inches): 5.1

Crown (inches): 6.3

Nape (inches): 3.5

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