Medium Top Mono - Amore Piece

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The Medium Top Mono hair piece from the More collection of Rene of Paris is a medium length (8 inch) hair piece that covers the head from the crown to the fringe. It's perfect for people who have a fair amount of their own hair, but feel they need to boost it with a hair piece. The Medium Top Mono is available in a range of colours, so blending the hair piece to suit your own hair (as is important in making a hair piece look natural) is not a challenge.

The Amore collection features monofilament wigs and hair pieces like the Medium Mono Top hair piece. Monofilament wigs and hair pieces have had each individual hair separately attached to the base of the wig or hair piece. This hair-by-hair attachment means that hair looks as if it's growing directly from the scalp, so the Medium Top Mono has a highly natural appearance. Monofilament wigs and hair pieces are also extremely comfortable. The Medium Top Mono is a double monofilament hair piece, so even if you change the parting of it, the natural effect will remain the same.

The Medium Top Mono hair piece is a synthetic hair piece, made of synthetic hair fibres. As such, it will not loose its shape over time, making it extremely easy to care for.