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Madison - Noriko

Madison - Noriko

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The Madison wig comes in a highly fashionable style; the Madison wig is a sophisticated, classical shape, but it has voluminous layers that add texture to the style. This makes the Madison wig a perfect blend of modern and classical looks. Due to the Madison Wig's in-between looks, it is versatile. For those preferring a more casual look the Madison can be tousled and made to look rougher. Anyone who prefers a sleeker look can style the Madison Wig down with equal success - and of course, for those who chop and change as the mood takes them, the Madison is a great option. The long side fringe of the Madison wig is tinned our so as to fall around the face gently, and blend perfectly into the side of the wig. At the side the Madison wig forms soft points that guide the eye towards the face and define the jaw lining a flattering and popular style.

The Madison wig is a monofilament wig. Monofilament wigs like the Madison wig are the most natural looking wigs available. Monofilament wigs are made by knotting the individual strands of hair to the wig base. This gives monofilament wigs the appearance of hair growing directly from the head, thus making monofilament wigs like the Madison wig appear very natural. The controlled density of monofilament wigs also contribute to this appearance. Monofilament wigs like the Madison wig are also extremely comfortable, because of the flexibility their construction allows, so the Madison wig will be comfortable to wear for long stretches of time, even against bear skin.

Additionally, the Madison wig is a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are easy to care for as they do not loose their shape and do not get greasy and dirty to the same extent as human hair, so for anyone who wishes for a stylish but easy to care for wig, synthetic wigs like the Madison wig are a good option to have.

Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Noriko

Style: Short

Material: Synthetic hair Fibres.

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Normal Range & Gradient

Length: -Crown: 4.75" (12cm) -Fringe: 4.0" (10cm) -Nape: 2.5" (6.5cm) -Weight: 2.2oz (62g)

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