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Voluminous crowns and face framing points are a key feature in short hair styles these days - and the Millie wig does not disappoint. Short, texture-filled layers lift at the crown of the Millie wig and grow a little longer towards the front of the Millie wig, forming points that frame the cheekbones and highlight the jawline in a flattering manner. Versatility comes to the Millie wig with the fringe: the Millie wig's fringe is just short enough that it can be worn straight, falling towards the eyes, but it is long enough to be swept to the side if the wearer prefers. What makes the Millie wig distinct and unique is the length at the nape. The short layers which give the crown of the Millie wig texture start to lengthen at the back of the head, blending in with the hair at the nape of the Millie wig, which hugs the nape of the wearer, forming a flattering silhouette around the head. In order to ensure a natural and attractive appearance these layers have been razor cut and thinned, so as to have a natural, almost wispy appearance, lest these normally light nape layers look to heavy.

Synthetic wigs like the Millie wig can be relied upon for ease of care. Synthetic wigs don't loose their shape and volume over time, so synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain, as the style of synthetic wigs holds itself. Where are human hair often needs products in order for it to hold a certain style, synthetic wigs will keep to a style without the need to use products on them (this has the added advantage of meaning that you don't need to be washing products out of a synthetic wig on a regular basis).

Another great thing about the Millie wig is the wide range of colours it's available in. The Millie wig is available in a great many colours, including gradient colours. Gradient colours have highlights in them, so you can get the Millie wig in a multitude of different tones.


Wig Cap Size: Average

Crown: 4.75" (12cm)

Fringe: 3.75" (9.5cm)

Nape: 4.75" (12cm) 

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