Caring for your new synthetic wig

Maintaining your synthetic wig require very little care and maintenance, which will allow you to have great hair every day. Below some important tips and tricks that we advise to extend your wigs style, quality and overall longevity.


If worn daily wash every 3-4 weeks

Pre -wash: Remove all traces of tangles or knots using a brush or wide tooth comb.

Shampooing:  Fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm (tepid) water, adding a cap full of synthetic/fibre shampoo. Allow the wig or hair piece to soak for 3 – 5 mins, gently swish around to ensure all parts are moistened. Then thoroughly using cold water ensuring all residue is removed. Do not rub as this will cause damage.

We recommend using the T-Range fibre shampoo.

Conditioning:  Using a small amount of synthetic/fibre conditioner or fabric conditioner smooth through using your fingers and allow it to soak for 5 -10 mins.

Drying: Gently wrap and dab with a towel to remove excess water. Spray on some leave in conditioner. Brush the hair gently. 

Place the wig on a stand and leave to dry overnight (approx. 12hours) in a warm room or airing cupboard.



LIFESPAN: Synthetic wigs need to be replaced more often than human hair. The approximate life span can be around 2 – 6 months, depending on the length or style, but most importantly the amount of effort you put into taking care of it. 

USE OF HEAT: Using intense heat, such as hairdryers, tongs or straighteners will frizz & frazzle the synthetic fibres.

WIG CAP: For extra comfort of your hair underneath use a wig cap. This will keep you cool, fresh. This will also protect your hair and help to keep your wig in place.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Never wash your wig using hot water.

USE OF CHEMICALS: Do not attempt to tint, bleach, perm or use any sort of chemical products on your wig.

STORAGE: We recommend that you store your wig in the provided packaging. For Example; wrapped in the hair net to avoid knots and tangles. It can also be kept on a wig stand.

EVERYDAY ACTIVITIES: Do not sleep or swim whilst wearing – this will cut off the life span.

If you have complete hair loss most wigs can be secured using adhesive tapes.

 Please Note: Synthetic hair does not last forever, eventually the fibres will wear away. This is known as “Friction Frizz”.

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