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Looking for a sleek and sophisticated bob wig? The Natasha wig might be the perfect wig for you! The Natasha wig is shaped around the face of the wearer, with a short fringe that falls over the forehead of the wearer and highlights the eyes, before fanning out at the sides and falling in among the lengths of the Natasha wig, which in turn curve around the side of the wearers face. The Natasha wig is slightly layered, and the layering in the Natasha wig allows it natural movement and sway.

As a double monofilament wig, the Natasha wig is among the most comfortable and natural-looking synthetic wigs on the market. The special thing about monofilament wigs like the Natasha wig is their construction. Monofilament wigs are made by adding each individual hair to the wig base on it's own, in a method known as single-hair, single-knot. This looks natural, because it gives the impression of hair growing directly from the scalp. Monofilament wigs can be parted anywhere, and this effect will remain the same, so monofilament wigs are more flexible and natural looking than other wigs. The additional comfort in monafilament wigs like the Natasha wig comes from having smaller knots, which allows the wig cap to lie closer to the scalp. Double monofilament wigs like the Natasha wig have an extra layer, protecting the scalp from the knots of the monofilament wig, so they are even more comfortable.

Synthetic wigs (of which the Natasha wig is one) are popular for their easy maintenance. While synthetic wigs from the Amore designer wig collection look natural, they have an advantage over human hair wigs: synthetic wigs don't loose their shape. In the case of the Natasha wig, the gentle curve at the side of the wig will not drop out. Because of this, the Natasha wig will not need to be repeatedly restyled, thus cutting out a great deal of time an effort when taking care of the Natasha wig - all because it is a synthetic wig.