Kelly - Amore Wig

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The Amore Kelly wig is perfect for those looking for a feminine and flowing hair style with a stylish edge.

The Amore Kelly wig features a long side fringe which is worn swept to the side, and finished delicately to create an open slit above the eye, adding to the realistic appearance. Having such a long fringe is ideal as it blends in softly to the long side layers that frame the pretty hair style, which are worn flicked out adding edge and sophistication.

The base of the Amore Kelly wig is made of double monofilament, which allows the wearer the option to part the hair wherever they would like while the style still maintains its realistic look, and the hairs will always appear as though they are growing directly from the scalp.

The great thing about the Amore Kelly wig is that it is constructed in such a style that the silhouette is elegant and feminine without being over the top.

There is no need to worry about the Amore Kelly wig slipping or having any mishaps thanks to the discreet poly tape strip hidden in to the front of the base, giving ultimate security as well as the allowance for those with partial or total hair loss to wear it.

The Kelly Wig by Amore, Rene of Paris is a multiple layered style with a side sweeping fringe create this evocative design.The cap construction for this wig is a double layered monofilament cap, giving you a smooth and comfortable fit. It is also calibrated with machine wefting for a tapered shape.