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For a short, soft style, the Ryan wig is a perfect option. The Ryan wig has a long fringe, so it is worn to the side. Unlike many side fringes, the Ryan wig's fringe doesn't sweep across the face, because it is layered; rather in falls softly over the forehead and around the face. The long layers of the Ryan wig's fringe blend in perfectly with the short layers of the main length of the fringe. The layers of the Ryan wig flick gently outwards, and these can be further defined using styling products. The hair at the nape of the Ryan wig has been thinned to give the Ryan wig a further natural appearance.

Monotape wigs like the Ryan wig are among the most natural looking wigs, and the most comfortable. The natural appearance of monofilament wigs like the Ryan wig comes from their construction. Each hair on a monofilament wig is individually attached to the wig base (the 'cap' where the wig sits atop your head). This method of attaching hair to the wig base using tiny knots gives the impression of hair growing directly from the scalp. Further more, with monofilament wigs having the hair attached individually the knots attaching the hair are smaller, and lie flatter against the scalp. Monofilament wigs can also have their partings moved and changed, and they will still provide  the effect of hair growing from the scalp.

This monofilament wig is also a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are easy to take care of, because synthetic wigs don't loose their shape, nor do they get dirty in the same way human hair wigs can. When it comes to the Ryan wig, because it's a synthetic wig, the gentle flicks at the sides and back will not need to be redone on a regular basis - the flicks will hold for the lifetime if the wig, which with a bare minimum of care should be a long time.

You will notice the the Ryan wig comes in a wide range of colours, including colours labelled "-R". These colours are root natural colours, meaning that they are darker at the root of the hair, close to the wig base. These root natural colours give the impression of hair growth, particularly since the Ryan wig is a monofilament wig.

Wig Cap Size: Average

Crown: 5.0" (13cm)

Fringe: 4.0" (10cm)

Nape: 3.5" (9cm) 

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