Sensi- Tak red tape 3yd

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Red liner tapes are a great solution for those of you that prefer a shorter bond. Holds from 1-3 days.

But if you're an extended wear fan, you may find this tape useful as well, because you can place red liner tape on your base and put stronger adhesives on top of it (like Proflex or an extended wear hair system glue.) This usually makes cleanup a bit easier.

Speaking of extended wear, generic red liner tapes shouldn't be confused with "branded" red liner tapes like DuoTac Thin. DuoTac Thin has a much stronger hold (up to 4 weeks) and cleanup will be tougher.


Base Material Poly/Skin
Hold Time 1 to 3 Days
Liner Color Red-Liner
Number of Pieces 1 Roll
Shape Roll
Shelf Size (Dimensions) .75"x3yd