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The Tia wig is a synthetic wig. As a synthetic wig, the Tia wig is easy to take care of. Synthetic wigs don't loose their shape, so synthetic wigs remain looking good not only throughout the day, but throughout the lifetime of the wig. Being a synthetic wig makes the Tia wig appropriate for anyone who wants a stylish wig, without the time and effort nescassary in maintaining a complicated hair style.

Short ladies cuts are growing ever more popular, and the Tia wig is one great example of the short femanine wigs that can be found. The tia wig is characterized by short, choppy layers that can either be spiked up or smoothed down to suit the preferances of the wearer. The versatility of the Tia wig is one of its best points. Towards the nape of teh Tia wig, the hair has been thinned out for a more natural appearance, as had the Tia wig's fringe. This creates an opposing set of textures in the Tia wig, making it at once soft and tousled.

Monofilament wigs are known for their natural appearance and comfort when worn. The Tia wig is a monofilament wig. The reason monofilament wigs look natural is down to their construction. A monofolament wig is a wig that is made by individually knotting each strange of hair to the wig base. The method of costructing monofilament wigs leads to the illusion of hair growing directly from the head, making monofilament wigs like the Tia wig look extremely natural. Additionally, the parting of monofilament wigs can be changed and it won't ruin the natural illusion created by the monofilament wig's construction. The smaller knots used in making monofilament wigs makes the wig more comfortable to wear. As a monofilament wig, the Tia wig looks natural, and is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Cap Size: Average

Fringe: 3.1"

Crown: 3.1"

Nape: 2.7"